Scandal in the Plywood District

Vacation Homes a Swindle  -  Perpetrator Still at Large

dph - Stuttgart, 1.12.   As known in well informed boards, the unconscionable swindler, who brought disaster to several families, is still at large.
A young mother confirmed the details of this unbelievable fraud : "We were crawling through the market, when this friendly man approached us. He offered my man and me a special price on a summer home. It was the chance of a lifetime, he said. We discussed the details in a bar, he bought several glasses of alco-sap for my husband and preached to us uninteruptedly, like a philosopher.
The apartments were supposed to be available to us twice a year for six weeks each time, for a flat rate paid in advance. The apartments were to have been already bored out cleanly, with a dew bath for refreshment, meals were to have been brought to us, there was to be a daily selection of choice woods, all-you-can-eat, there was to be chocolate bark for the children, and much, much more. The rotten scoundrel ! Not a word of it was true ! My husband had to pay a large deposit, we'll never see that money again !
When we got there, we found ourselves in another plywood district. The apartments were not made out of solid wood, but out of veneered cardboard full of cracks ! The apartments were not bored cleanly, they were bored only a little bit into the wood with an "iron woodworm" of the sort humans use. In the baths lay week's-old dew, and for dinner, we got plywood ! Naturally, we complained immediately, but what good will that do !"
This sorry board was acclaimed as apartments !  
It's only a piece of cardboard with mahagony veneer
An inexcusable outrage !  

Indeed, these families are to be pitied. Many fathers took out credit and now must work second jobs in antique shops, where they are required to leave their tracks in old furniture.

As conspirator in this swindle, René B., who produces the veneered cardboard in the Tübingen area, was held for questioning and then released. It was found that he was completely unaware of what was happening. He immediately changed his company to
producing paper clips, which never ever has anything to do with woodworms.

We will inform our readers immediately in the event of further developments.

Herzlichen Dank für die Übersetzung an EvaSara Tullier


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