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Funny stories
Once in the Wild West : A brawl with hurdles
Once in the Wild West : The great gold fever
Anecdotes from old Hamburg
A personal record or How I reached Northtown
How to photograph a puppy?
A grass widower writes...
My Grandpa .... that's me!
Funny makeup tips for men
Funny makeup tips for ladies

Robber at bird feeder

Grandpa's funny jokes

Funny Cat Stories

minus... minus... minus...
Wood Worm stories for young and old children
Title Page
Funny pictures of wood worms
The wood worm,
...with additional notes to its maintenance

Legends and Fairy Tales 1
Legends and Fairy Tales 2
Woodworms Dream Wedding in a Summer Home
The Day After Wedding
Scandal in the Plywood District

Bob Seaworm tells us stories
1st story : The Love Life of South American Jellyfish .....