Funny Cat Stories  


Adventures and observances from "can openers"

Leo, the mouse hunter
Heike: My tomcat eats genteelly
Andreas: Strangers in the night
Brigitte: Have can opener, will travel
Andreas: Spring fever
Roger Dean Kiser: THE CAT MAN
Al: ...and then I felt fooled
Anne: No idea what my cat looks like
Heidrun: The unintentional cat flap
Gabriele: Bringing up a cat - the Greek way
Andreas: Strange noises in the night
Marita: Molly, helpful but thieving
Heidrun: The tomcat with the many names
Eki: Fly-strips are very sticky
Alena: Tomcat Booboo tells - How I decided on my fate
Alena: Tomcat Jonas tells - They think they can do as they like with me
Maren: An attack on the carpet
Nisil: How to worm a cat
pot cleaner
"Two pot cleaners"
Photo : Passera

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