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Poops at the garage roof
...and then I felt fooled
Ok, here we go.     Many years ago I had a cat called Poops, for reasons that need no explanations.
I honestly believe he set me up for what had to be a cat practical joke.

I sculp for a hobby, and I do most of my sculpting at the kitchen table. From the kitchen window I can look out into the back yard.
I could also see the corner of the garage roof, which extended into the back yard. One day I was sitting at the table, working on a small clay sculpture, when I heard a pitifull series of meows. I looked out the window and noticed Poops was on the corner of the garage roof.
He was looking directly at me and was giving me his best rendition of "help! help! I'm stuck! Get me down!"
I had to get up, go to the garage, drag the ladder out to the back yard, prop it up and climb up to the grage roof. No Poops !
I checked the garage and house roof. No Poops anywhere........

A week later I'm at the kitchen table working on another sculpture, when I hear another series of pitifull meows. There he is again.
Same corner. Same series of "Help me" meows, and he is looking right at me. Here we go again.
Go to the garage, drag the ladder to the back yard, climb up on the roof. No Poops............

And now for the big finish. A week later I'm back at the same table, working on another sculpture, when......... you guessed it! Meow! Meow!
Same cat. Same corner. Back to the garage. Drag out the ladder, climb up the ladder, but this time as I reach the top of the ladder I hear a series of meows coming from somewhere below me. At first I can`t see the source of the meows. Then I look through the kitchen window........

Poops is sitting on the kitchen table, looking out at me! I will go to my grave knowing he set me up!!!

Many thanks for this funny story to: Al de la Rosa

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