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No idea what my cat looks like
We had finally decided to add some cats to our family. Our children called me their desire any day into my ears. No wonder, in our acquaintance and among our friends there were many families with cats.

So one day I bravely walked into the next pet garden, belonging to the local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, in order to look whether I could not find two cats as family increase. The reason that we wanted two cats was, that we are often away frome home. That is no good at all for a single cat.

At the pet garden, they showed me some different pairs of cats, which belonged together. One of them consisted of two tomcats, but unfortunately both were already 12 years old and so out of interest, because my kiddies was still too young and I believed, they would not understand if the new family members had soon died due to the high age.

At next they led me into a large area with numerous cats. At first sight I could become enthusiastic for none of them. But apparently a cat had become enthusiastic for me, because this cat walked straight to me as soon as I came into the area, rubbed my legs gently and remained at me sticking.

Yes indeed, sticking! No matter in which direction I wanted to evade, the cat stuck at my leg. It was simply not possible for me to go only one step without this cat.

The waitress said that I shall feel selected and asked, whether I did not want to take this cat. I reminded the waitress I wanted to get two animals, preferably two tomcats. And I would not know whether this cat at my leg would be a cat or a tomcat and whether it has a partner in this cage. My knowledge about cats was not enough to be able to judge that.
She replied that would be no problem, because the cat at my leg would be a tomcat and a female cat would belong to him.
Again I reminded the waitress my desire for two tomcats. She replied, I did not have to make myself concerns about a fertility of the female cat, because both animals are castrated. And both cats would only be given away as a pair, they are siblings and were never separated.

So I stood there... should I or should I not?

I decided to take this couple home. Then I asked, which cat belongs to the tomcat at my leg?

You would not believe it!!! The waitress answered that she could not show me that cat, it is hidden in a basket back in the room. That cat is such shy, she would come out as long as a strange person is in the area.
Well okay - I'm going to carry a cat with me and have no idea what she lookes like? This I said loudly, too. As an answer I got a vague description of the cat. That was to hear quite nicely and after a while I decided to carry a cat home which I have never seen.
So I explained to adopt that tomcat sticking still on my legs and that unknown cat, had to leave the area and to enter the office to complete the formalities.
There I got two transport boxes in which I could carry my cats home. Of course I tried to open the box, to have a look on the second cat. But that was closed boxes and I had no chance.
Okay then - I thought for myself, now I carry full blindly a strange cat to my family. What about if she is absolutely ugly or has nearly no fur?
Or what about it is a white cat with a stinging view or something else???

There was nothing else to do but to drive home. What I did. At least at home I should be able to examine my second cat. And if somebody means I would have heard a meow during the travel home from the unknown cat, he is wrong. The tomcat made a row for two, but the cat kept completely quiet, made no one noise.

Arrived at home, I remembered the instructions of the waitress and let the boxes calmly for the next ten minutes. After that I opened the two doors and stared full tension to that box, in which my unknown cat must be. But..... nothing happened!!! The tomcat stuck again at my legs, but that cat remained squatting in the box.

After all I was going to open the box completely when a brown lightning was shoot out and disappeared soon under a bed in the room of my eldest daughter. Who wonders, that bed was not even high from the floor and situated not even in the brightest corner of that room.

Lovely !!!! So, that was our new cat. She has a fur. A brown fur. I had not seen any more.

You can surely imagine on what I felt myself as a fool, when my kiddies came home in the afternoon and wanted to know, what the other cat looks like. I could really not say, because I did not know it. My life partner thought I will set him up, when I could'nt give him an answer *grin*
Not to tell about the incredulous faces of my friends. Even a week later on I could not tell them, what my cat looks like. All this time my cat had managed to hide itself from us.
a brown cat
The tomcat had no such problems with the new environment. With me probably not. Because even if I visited the toilet, he came with me. He then squatted into the wash basin which hung directly beside the toilet and waited to the moment when I wanted to wash my hands.

The cat went at night to the fodder cup and used also the cat toilet. But whenever I tried to sneak nearer to see her, she fooled me and disappeared "like an well oiled lightning" under the bed, which gave her protection since days.
Now the family agreed that our cats finally need clever names. Originally their names were "Casimir" and "Rambo". Besides, Rambo was the name of the cat - that pleased no one of us. Thus we baptized the two shorthand "Jacob" and "Lisa". We wondered if we get problems when we try to call the cats from now with their new names. Mostly, because Lisa never faced us.

A least I could face Lisa in reason to a coincidence. I was going to sort out some games and a small box full of cubes fell down. Some cubes rolled under the bed. Now I tried to grab them and what should I say ? The cubes seemed to fascinate Lisa, because she came carefully out her hiding place, circled around the cubes and started playing with them.
Of course I took the chance and squatted myself on the soil. Again and again I let roll the cubes over the soil and over an hour I was in contact with my cat. That broke the ice. From now Lisa was seen even by daylight.

Only if strange people came in or it was too hectically in the room, she disappeared again in her safe hiding place. She remained still very reserved for a very long time.

Thanks for this story to Anne.

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