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Strangers in the night

Here, like everywhere else these days, it is extremely hot outside. To catch the lightest breath of air, the entryway door to our building is always open. The other morning I wanted to go buy some breakfast rolls. I put on as little clothing as possible and went to the door. I had hardly opened the door when I heard a pretty loud “MEOW” and a black Something with a bent tail sashayed arrogantly into our apartment. The unknown tomcat was less than seconds inside before Mumpfi also arrived and greeted our surprise visitor.

There was a sniffing-and-head-rubbing spree such as I had never seen. As if he were at home here, the tomcat went directly to the food dish and feasted on the remains of Mumpfi's breakfast (beef with carrots from KITTEKAT).
The water dish was of interest to him as well. I couldn't get over my amazement. What impudence!!!

And Mumpfi was totally fascinated from this stray. She rolled on the floor in front of him while uttering a loud meow. She is spayed, of course, and the tom was also “fixed”, but it was still strange.
In the meantime, my wife had also woken up and from the hallway expressed some indignation over the noise. As she discovered our guest, her annoyance disappeared and a petting festival began. Mumpfi on the left and the black tom on the right. I felt like a fifth wheel and so I went shopping. In my naivety, I assumed that the stranger would be gone when I returned. Talk about innocence!!!

Naturally, he was still there, and the breakfast table was also not set yet.
Instead, his fur gleamed. Instead of setting the table, my wife had thoroughly brushed the tom, which we now called “BLACKY” (what else?). Mumpfi played her share in the job, too, and licked his coat. So I went and set the table on the balcony. Once everything was ready, we started eating and our cats kept us company by chasing wasps and other insects on the balcony railing. BLACKY had, probably as the result of an accident, a bent tail. That didn't seem to slow him down in the slightest, though.

About 11:00 it began to get really warm. Our guest simply jumped from the balcony to the garage roof and disappeared. Well, well, I thought, that was a brief interlude. That's what I thought!!!! That evening, around 11 p.m., as we had gone to bed to sleep, Mumpfi came, as always, with us. The balcony door was, as always, open. Around 3 a.m. I had to get up for a moment. Still half asleep, I realized that all of a sudden, Mumpfi had two tails. I hate nightmares and ignored what I saw. As I returned to get back to bed, it dawned on me a bit more clearly. Mumpfi still had two tails!!!! Do I have to wear my glasses to sleep, now, too???? I turned on the light, and who should be laying there between my wife and me? BLACKY and Mumpfi. He had come in from the balcony.

Since then, we have become used to each other. I still don't know to whom he belongs. But we don't care. He is, by the way, a complete gentleman; he always lets Mumpfi eat first. He gets the leftovers. And even if I have less room in bed now, that's strangely enough fine by me and he can stay. At first I thought my wife would fuss, but just the opposite is true. If he doesn't come for two or three nights, she starts getting nervous. Mumpfi has got used to him, too. You can see that she is glad to see him.
He should be able to come and go as he pleases...

Many thanks to Brigitte Niggemann for this contribution!

Herzlichen Dank für die Übersetzung an EvaSara Tullier !

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