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My tomcat eats genteelly

Ok, is it normal…
...when a woman strolls with two cats in a baby buggy and goes into a restaurant? A guest at a nearby table said, “I am speechless.”
I just waited for the cats to start eating with fork and knife - because they were just sooo genteel.
Begging permission, but - the whole thing really looked weird and shakes of the head made the rounds.
Bon appétit!
Hi from Jürgen

My tomcat eats genteelly.
So, eating at the table was no problem for our tomcat.
When he had the time and peace, he sat upright by his dish, extended a single claw from his front paw, speared a tiny tidbit with the claw, and then first inspected it thoroughly. Then he sniffed it endlessly before he finally placed the morsel graciously into his mouth. Paw and mouth remained unsullied. Then a nonchalant glance about the kitchen and the next tidbit was cautiously tackled.

His sister, in contrast, gobbled away indiscriminately. She was already missing a fang. That was certainly because she also chewed cabinet handles, packing crates, and the metal clasps on sausage ends without taking much time to think it over or even sniff it first.

The two come from an animal shelter. We think that they lived in a commune in Berlin Kreuzberg before that. The cat is the type who raids the fridge empty and then gripes when nobody goes shopping.
The tomcat is rather the one with a good upbringing and can't understand that someone doesn't clean his room three times a day. :-)
Hi from Heike

Photo : Heike

Herzlichen Dank für die Übersetzung an EvaSara Tullier !

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