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with soft paws

Molly: helpful, but thieving.
I am sure cats have a 7th sense. For instance, years ago we had a cat who always went into hiding when she sensed thunderstorms, long before we noticed anything about it. We could rely on her forecast. :-)

Once she woke us up during the night because we had a burst water pipe.
That was a great achievement because just as other cats she detested the water,
but nevertheless scratched at our door until we reacted.
It was about 5 am and Molly's body was already half immersed in the water.
As we opened the door the water rushed in, and the cat jumped away as if to say: "Done my duty, now back on to the cupboard!" Then she groomed herself thoroughly.
No more sleep for us, but Molly was praised mightily, and she received a big helping of Whiskas as a reward. (It was her favourite brand.)
Molly was a cat of her own kind. We got her when she was very small indeed.
She always opened our cupboards, she even managed to open the fridge door.
Once I observed how she was able to do that. She laid down on her back, grabbed under the refrigerator with both front paws, and 'plopp' it was open, she enjoyed the food, and we went without    :o(
Then I had a good idea to stop her thieving! *grin*
I bought some elastic rope as used on roof racks of cars, then attached these on to the handles of the cupboards. Now if Molly opened a door it would automatically close again before she could put her paws in.    *big grin*

Cats behave similar to human beeings, once they have to accept it does not work anymore, they'll not try no more.

by Marita B.
Molly relaxing after doing mischief
Molly relaxing after doing mischief
Translation by Ingrid Herron
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