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with soft paws

The tomcat with the many names.
As a small kitten and also later Mopple looked like a cleaning mop so we called him
Mopple-Popple. As he was a great talker during his first years, he was also called Meep-Meep, a friend made that into 'Double Meep'.

Another name referred to his sedate behaviour, we often called him 'Grandpa'.
At a very early stage we suspected that in Persian cats the development is reversed, they seem to become playful and wild only when they grow older. In his middle years he had a wild spell for five minutes every day , and just before he died his appearance shrank back into the miniature of a cat.

Before he was granted the name of 'Castrato', there was a funny incident.
A Persian cat lady had made our Mopple her favourite, and visited him in our conservatory. Meep-Meep was not at all keen on her, and withdrew further and further, always followed by the cat. Tomcat Amadeus tried to make the most of this situation, but received a telling off that was not to be misunderstood.
After about half an hour the lady gave up her advances, and was never again to be seen at our house. After this we called Mopple 'Pervert', which makes more sense in German, having a double meaning. He was a Perser (Persian cat), and then became 'Perverser' (pervert). We have this incident on Video film.

Mopple was very different indeed compared to our other cats. If he would lay down on someone's lap, this was to be regarded a great honour anyway, also one had to behave according to his demands. The 'chosen' one was not allowed to move at all, except for the stroking hand.
Of course he also had a proper name, but none of us remembers what that name was.
It must have begun with the letter 'A' as he was the sole survivor of his mother's first litter, but we had received him without any papers.
by Heidrun Wolf

Translation by Ingrid Herron
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