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Jonas after shaving
Jonas after shaving
Fly-strips are very sticky
An e-mail from cat Gina to tomcat Jonas.

"Boootiful !!!!!!!!"    :o)))))))))

Sorry that I take the Mickey, Jonas, but we rarely see such a brush :o)
By the way, you have a partner in the suffering, and that is ME!
Some weeks ago I got stuck with my tummy to a fly- strip which had been attached to the kitchen cupboard. When I tried to get rid of the damn thing I got more and more entangled :o(
My Missus saw this and tried to help by pulling the fly-strip out of my fur - of course it did not work!
After a seemingly never ending time and plenty of the disgusting hot water the
terrible thing had disappeared out of my fur, but some of the glue wouldn't come out.
So my Missus got out the scissors, and ...do I have to say more? Absolute disgusting,
I looked like a plucked chicken. Meouw !!!

But now for the icing of the cake as they say: The girlfriend of my Missus came to visit us, and she greeted me with gusto. She loves me very much, I don't know why. Then she noticed the bare spots on my behind and asked for the reason of my disfigurement. My Missus told her about my mishap, and she wanted to show her friend another spot where some of my fur had been cut off. She lifted me up, so the friend could look under my tummy. She lifted me higher, and higher, and then it happened! She pushed me on to another fly-strip which was hanging from the ceiling, she had overlooked this one, and now I was wrapped up again! Heeeeelp !!!!!!
Once more the scissors came out and I lost my newly grown hair again.
Well, don't YOU talk about embarrassment, I presented a much worse sight.
By now I am as beautiful as ever, yeah.
All my love
--->> GINA <<--- (one of Eki's cats).

Translation by Ingrid Herron
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