How I decided on my fate

Tomcat Booboo tells his story.

For eight months I lived among 30 other cats with an old woman.
We had it quite nice, but sometimes had to fight over the food.
As I am no fighter at heart I had to do without food once or twice, and go to sleep hungry.
I had a few friends there. From time to time it happened that suddenly one or the other would be gone.
When this happened, there were always people who came to the house and took one of us away.
One night a strange woman came to us in the company of a man. The man held his nose, no small wonder as 30 cats can smell a bit strong.
The stranger put her basket down on the floor and went into the back with our woman to take a look at the small kittens. I preferred to stay near the basket and thought: now or never.
I liked the woman and I wanted to show her 'I am here'. Impatiently I was listening to the two women talking, the stranger said that she had a son, who was 15 years old already, so no danger that he would pull my tail.
With satisfaction I noticed that she did not touch any of the small kittens. She wanted a fully grown tomcat, because during the day nobody was at home at her house, and the cat had to amuse himself. Sounded great, yeeeaaaahhh....
Furthermore she mentioned that they had a female cat before, but she had died 2 months ago and as the family was very sad about it, they wanted a new cat - or rather a tom than a female.
Oh, I heard all that full of joy. Straight away I jumped into the basket and waited for the things to come. I had an inkling that I too had to go one day, and these circumstances seemed to be very, very favourable to me.
After all I was getting on a bit at 8 months, I was longing for peace and quiet, and did not like small children.

Suddenly my heart nearly stopped beating because the stranger had taken notice of me and came directly towards me. Her eyes became large and sparkling. I remembered that an old tom had once insisted that one could see joy in humans' eyes. The woman took me into her arms - oh, that was lovely. Then I got a kiss (could have done without that) - at this split second I knew she is mine, and I am hers. The rest was a matter of finance, and during their conversation I peeped at my fellow inmates. Some of them looked at me sadly, but others,
if looks could kill ...

my name is Booboo However it didn't bother me - to me only one thing was important, I had found my place!
She threw a blanket over me and we got into a car. That was my first ride in a car and it smelled worse than in our house with 30 cats.
The man next to 'my woman' was not her husband only the neighbour.
In front of her house my new Misses hid me under her coat and then rang the bell.
A boy opened the door and called out straight away:" Mama bought a white tomcat!"
He had only seen my foot that had peeped out from under the coat. My Misses only laughed and put me down in the middle of the room. That was very scary because everyone was viewing me from all sides. One said:" Look at his beautiful grey colour and his legs are white!"
In fact I am of two colours, my four legs, my belly and my nose are white otherwise I am grey.
Someone else said: "Look at his eyes, and his fur!" And it went on and on, they were looking me over again and again.
It became very annoying I had also become hungry. So I showed them a real angry face and my master called out at once: "Look! He looks just like the bogeyman who frightens little children!
As if he is going to say : BOO !!! He should not have said that as in this instance I got my new name: Boo Boo - to be quite honest the name suits me right.
At last somebody got up and gave me food. It was very nice, I enjoyed it, especially as no one helped himself from my plate. I could finish eating my meal in peace and quiet.
habe ein neues Zuhause gefunden Afterwards I wandered through the whole appartment exploring. All three ran after me, but I couldn't care less. Soon I was very tired after all this exitement, and I fell asleep in a corner.
But I did'nt stay there for long, the boy fetched me into his bed. He told me all about the sort of day he had had, and soon we went to sleep cuddled up together.
Meow, love from Boo Boo

Translation by Ingrid Herron
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