Experiences and Adventures with soft paws

Bringing up a cat - the Greek way

At first:
At home we have two Greek cats.
My brother worked there, and brought them home from Greece.
The older one had been hit by a vehicle, and he took her to the animal hospital at once. There she was diagnosed pregnant. Due to her severe injuries they let her keep only one of her babies, and my brother took them both in.
He imagined they wouldn't stay all that long, so he just called them Mummy and Baby. Low and behold after another three years in Greece the cats were still there, so he brought them home to Germany.
Actually he already had five cats therefore he was looking for a new home for them.
I dragged my partner to my brother's house and said: "Look at them, aren't they sweet?" "Alright then, take them home," he gave in.
That's how I got my cats.

How to wake up the missus.
Well, my Baby certainly isn't stupid, and thought straight away, how do I train my 'parents'?
Then she worked out a plan.
'I am hungry on a Sunday morning and my missus won't get up! So, I'll go and attack the wallpaper -scratch, scratch.
The missus doesn't bother, so I meeouw a little.
Then she says:" Baby, only a little longer, it's not Monday, so you don't have to kick up a fuss at 5 o/clock in the morning!"
Alright then, I'll stretch out against the wallpaper again - scratch.
Now she is looking ... I put out one claw after the other scratch, scratch, scratch ... and there you are, it works, now I get my much wanted food!! :-)))

How to keep warm in the winter.
It's always cold in winter.
I have always been used to sleeping in the bedroom, but of course it does get very cold there because the missus does have the window open all the time.
I suspected it would be warmer under the blanket, so I started scratching at it a little. Well, this didn't work, I had to move up to the missus' pillow, there I purr a little, which usually works, but this time all she does is turn around.
Never mind, there is another method!!!
I go out into the hall, where there is a lovely resound, just like an echo, and now I scream as loud as I can!
See - it works!!! After two or three screams the blanket is lifted, and I can wonderfully cuddle up into the hollow of the knee of my missus.
That is how to train one's 'parents'. *grin*

Thank you so much for this story, Gabriele Lesch !
Translation by Ingrid Herron
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